Personal profile

"Born in Monza, September 5th, during the Italian F.1 G.P weekend in Town. After an 8 years career in basketball in the Monza Junior Team, always interested in racing cars, He starts His karting career in 1978 and become professional in car racing in 1982.....".


Playing all kind of sports - Golf, Basketball, Tennis, MTB and Road Racing Bikes, Squash... Music - ZZ Top, Queen, Emerson Lake & Palmer.... Movies - Taxi Driver, Blues Brothers, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Blade Runner, Star Trek... Interested in Astronautics and Astronomy ... Collector of Stamps ...


Italian soccer...


Ronnie Peterson (F.1 driver), Robert DeNiro (actors), Michelle Pfeiffer (actress), Freddie Mercury (singer & musician).


Giovanna (wife), Rachele (11) and Rebecca (8) (daughters), Roberto + (Dad), Teresa (Mom) and Riccardo (younger brother).


170 cms. x 63 kgs.


Between races He works in his well-known interior design furniture company ( ).